TJ’s Space Mural

We have this little room that you can get to from our upstairs landing.
The kind of den you always wished for as a kid.


Yesterday was TJs 3rd birthday, and for the past few weeks I have spent almost every evening working away on a big surprise in the little room.


TJ calls it his ‘Planet Room’.







Both boys loved the mural and exploring in the dark with their flashlights.


Looking forward to campouts, playtimes, picnics and sleepovers happening here!

– bear


Market Signs

Here is some of the followup work for the Elmgrove Organic Collective and their farmers market veggie stand.

The veggie signs I have made so far:Image
Pam is selling so much (and the food is SO fresh and tasty) that I am sure we’ll be making more signs up soon.

Yesterday I dropped by to nab some rhubarb and lettuce and to see how everything looked:Image

YUM and YUM!


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Duplo Jaws

Things might go blog-dark for a bit after this post as I try to finish up some bigger, more portfolio worthy things.

I leave you (hopefully not for too long) with a few examples of some stuff made over at


The t-shirt was a present designed for a friend. She’s 3 and loves Duplo… and her dad loves Jaws. Naturally, I got busy in photoshop and created this image to please both of them.


While ordering the t-shirt and some of Jeff’s Christmas present I decided to replace my broken phone case with one that shows off my own work – a bee painted on some brown paper. The main function of the case is to allow my phone to survive toddler attacks and busy mum clumsiness. So far so good.

That’s yer lot!


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Bear Paddling

This year The Black Hearts Hockey Club smashed out our summit theme in true style: Blazed & Confused.
We all dressed the part and came armed with paddles for paddlin’.

Our team has a mass-mix of crafty, designer-y and artsy talented folk. My part this year was to decorate the gift paddles for our opponents and to personalize my own paddle.

The gift paddles got a simple logo drawn on in marker with a reminder to the team of who paddled them on the reverse…   Black Hearts BADASS!


I decided the paddles would be done quicker AND look more like the real deal from the movie if I freehanded the whole thing. Sorry type-geeks. You’re welcome, movie-geeks.

I proceeded to spend a whopping half hour on my own paddle:


I can get by doing design work, typography etc… but it’s not my forte. It takes a lot of time to do what more experienced artists do in minutes. I don’t do much straight up drawing anymore but this bear was a nice reminder of my first love for art, and to try and do more. As a child I would sit and copy picture after picture out of my Dad’s wildlife books.

This bear was drawn with one of those china markers they use at Tim Hortons to write on coffee pots. I haven’t worked there in 15 years or so, but I still think of this whenever using the white markers. 🙂

Here’s a quick snapshot of the tournament and of my ‘Seniors look:


Kelly, a fellow Senior, played some parking lot paddle hockey with TJ. Below that, you can see just how much awesome we bleed!

– bear


Hockey Table

TJ spent a good chunk of NHL Trade Deadline day watching his Dada on TV and listening for the secret ‘code words’ that Jeff says to him.

He thinks Jeff’s work desk is amazing….
Strategy Room He likes to copy Dada talking about hockey and is certain that Jeff uses the same sticker book for his notes… which is quite possible.
photo-6So, a little surprise is in order  – and that night I turned his table into a rink.

ImageNote the Zambonis ‘in the garage’ under the table.
ImageNow we can play Duplo hockey games and TJ can learn all about the fundamentals of the sport. 😉

– bear

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Elmgrove Organic Logo

At last, I have a few small projects to add to the art pile.

It’s Sunday… the day I have recently designated to put aside workouts, paperwork, house work and any other ‘works’… and try to squeeze in some art time (once the kids are asleep and I am thoroughly worn out, of course).

Todays art moment: updating this bear design space with a logo drawn for an organic food collective.

A top friend of mine kickstarted the branding for Elmgrove Organic and she asked me to create a logo that could represent all the parts of the collective.


Pam will be starting up her own veggie stall in Newmarket and also sharing news of the collective over here on her site:

Check it out if you are into delish veggies, farmers markets and organic radness.

The logo turned out very much as I had planned. However, we were on a deadline for some printed work so it was wrapped up a bit quickly. I’d like to clean up the text and do some nit-picky edits on this fella before I call it finished. The bee won’t be changed though, he’s my favourite.

Hey! Here’s my buddy JP doing some gansta banner printing at Artwords (my old designing den). Thanks JP, organic food IS pretty badass.


Coming soon: tattoo’s, paddles, sharks, bees and a bunny. (Ie. Mostly hardcore with a smidge of fuzzy loveliness)

Over and out.

– Bear

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Designs Hit the Road!

Hey hey!

Not much to report from the little (make that micro) bear art world right now…

However, one project did see completion this past year and that was a logo design + signage for a scanning company, owned by a friend.

Want some scanning? See:

We worked together with his girlfriend (and enchanting car-decal model seen below) to come up with the following look for the business-mobile.

IMG-20121213-00234 IMG-20121213-00236
It was fun to dabble back into the design process again. Most days here are 24/7 taking care of the kids, the house, the paperwork, the cooking, the pets etc. etc… But as the boys get older there should be some time to start up new commissions and pursue a few ideas that have been percolating.

Drip. Drip. Bear brain drip…

– bear

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