Garden Markers: Round 2 w Spoons

Unfortunately the markers for last years veggies didn’t survive the elements. It wasn’t exactly surprising… My brother kind of (lovingly) threw the wood pieces at me and I was busy so wanted to make them pretty quickly.

Fortunately, a chance came along to improve the formula this year when a lovely friend – Kim – asked for a set for her own garden.

We looked at some different methods and chose the very logical ‘spoon approach’.

Here are the final pieces:


They are all hand painted and then varnished to keep them strong and legible.


The hardest part was the text… but I really didn’t want to cut and paste it on OR spend hours on each spoon (no offence, Kim). So I went for the hand written look. I think it will look OK in all the twisty wonderfulness of a garden… but would still like to trial (or just practice!) some type work should I make more.


Now we just wait and see if they survive a season with whatever grows (and nibbles) in Kim’s garden!

– bear

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2 Responses to Garden Markers: Round 2 w Spoons

  1. Janvi Singh says:

    This is really very nice and knowledgeable post. Using a garden marker gives glorious look to the garden. You can also use metal garden markers and steel stakes for plant identity. We at idealgardenmarkers offers plant markers, labels and nameplates.

  2. Peter Fry says:

    Wow, great DIY idea for plant markers, they enhance the beauty of garden. I have also used metal & wood markers but surely gonna use them too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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