Growth Chart for the Kids

This slender mural isn’t the usual growth chart.
After not really wanting to make a chart that was only about their size I decided to just start drawing on the walls. I came up with this instead:

Their ages and heights are hidden in tiny writing and mixed in with the dots and wiggles of the mural.



I didn’t really plan it before starting… no sketches or anything. Aside for a few pencil marks there wasn’t even much roughed onto the wall before the Sharpies came out. It’s not a typical approach for me but it was fun to just roll with it.
The downside of rolling with it? There is a ton that I’d change on a second go-around.
Still, the kids like it and it’s right by their art table so I have a feeling it’ll see a few Crayola additions soon anyway!

IMG_0614 IMG_0606

– bear

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