TJ’s Space Mural

We have this little room that you can get to from our upstairs landing.
The kind of den you always wished for as a kid.


Yesterday was TJs 3rd birthday, and for the past few weeks I have spent almost every evening working away on a big surprise in the little room.


TJ calls it his ‘Planet Room’.







Both boys loved the mural and exploring in the dark with their flashlights.


Looking forward to campouts, playtimes, picnics and sleepovers happening here!

– bear

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6 Responses to TJ’s Space Mural

  1. Nancy says:

    Wow! His very own “Science Centre Room”.
    Beautiful, imaginative, best mom gift giver ever!

  2. heavyduty1 says:

    Excellent, mind-expansion without the drugs.

  3. LL782 says:

    Beautiful work! You make me wish I had a house and kids …and that’s saying something 😉

  4. Hahaha- wooo! Well, you do have a LOT of creativity to share. Those would be some lucky little pups. 😀

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