Duplo Jaws

Things might go blog-dark for a bit after this post as I try to finish up some bigger, more portfolio worthy things.

I leave you (hopefully not for too long) with a few examples of some stuff made over at RedBubble.com.


The t-shirt was a present designed for a friend. She’s 3 and loves Duplo… and her dad loves Jaws. Naturally, I got busy in photoshop and created this image to please both of them.


While ordering the t-shirt and some of Jeff’s Christmas present I decided to replace my broken phone case with one that shows off my own work – a bee painted on some brown paper. The main function of the case is to allow my phone to survive toddler attacks and busy mum clumsiness. So far so good.

That’s yer lot!


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4 Responses to Duplo Jaws

  1. Pam Robinson says:

    Impressed with all you had to put up with you still got this done!!

    Nighty night Love you Mummo xoxox

  2. …looking forward to seeing you soon (and returning your great-soup-from-your-dad travelling bowl)

  3. Oh yeah! That soup! Definitely come by soon. It’s getting pretty nice out – the boys would love to play some soccer with you. 🙂 xo

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