Elmgrove Organic Logo

At last, I have a few small projects to add to the art pile.

It’s Sunday… the day I have recently designated to put aside workouts, paperwork, house work and any other ‘works’… and try to squeeze in some art time (once the kids are asleep and I am thoroughly worn out, of course).

Todays art moment: updating this bear design space with a logo drawn for an organic food collective.

A top friend of mine kickstarted the branding for Elmgrove Organic and she asked me to create a logo that could represent all the parts of the collective.


Pam will be starting up her own veggie stall in Newmarket and also sharing news of the collective over here on her site: www.elmgroveorganic.com

Check it out if you are into delish veggies, farmers markets and organic radness.

The logo turned out very much as I had planned. However, we were on a deadline for some printed work so it was wrapped up a bit quickly. I’d like to clean up the text and do some nit-picky edits on this fella before I call it finished. The bee won’t be changed though, he’s my favourite.

Hey! Here’s my buddy JP doing some gansta banner printing at Artwords (my old designing den). Thanks JP, organic food IS pretty badass.


Coming soon: tattoo’s, paddles, sharks, bees and a bunny. (Ie. Mostly hardcore with a smidge of fuzzy loveliness)

Over and out.

– Bear

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