Crimbo Bears

Merry Christmas!

Here’s our holiday card for 2011. One of TJs very favourite things at the moment is The Muppet Show, so the concept was a given.
TJ is indeed holding a spoon in the drawing. At home he is allowed to play with the wooden spoons and he loves it. We’ve always told him it’s ‘a spoon’ but he’s instant… it’s a “BAFF.” No idea where he got that from – but it’s absolutely adorable.

Here’s a quick update on my painting:
I reckon there’s still at least another 10 hours to go. The top left and bottom right have been the latest focus, and I think they are the most detailed – so there might be chance that it can be completed before baby number 2 arrives…
It sounds like a race, but obviously, baby wins no matter what’s going on with this painting!
Here’s a slightly warped and dark photo of the 40hrs work so far:
(Note to self – I want to learn how to photograph artwork!) 

Lastly, I wanted to include TJ’s very first photograph, taken all by himself. It’s quite good, no? This is how my son sees the world :o)  (He’s responsible for the hat on the bear, too.)

Off to enjoy the holiday season with my boy and my family. Very excited to start up some traditions for TJ.

– Bear

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