The Bear Art Project

The Bear Art Project, as my oh-so-clever boyfriend calls it, is my little studio. It’s rare that there’s time to sit and really sink into a project, but it’s nice to keep something on the go for those evenings where there’s a half hour to spare. The next ‘Bear Art’ to be completed is a painting of my motorcycle. Seen below, half finished and about 22 hours in. (Is that slow?)

This is a favourite piece and it’s been sitting, waiting, for just over 3 years now. In that time a full life and a small boy have kept things busy. Plus – any work done solely for me usually gets pushed to the back of the pile.

When TJ’s in the Bear Art he just wants the music on so he can dance – and that’s what we do (him better than I).

So, it’s time to pick this back up and get ‘er done! Jan 1, 2012 is my ‘goal-line’… which isn’t too far away if you count in the 6 month bump and 15 month boy that deserve the best of my energy.

Let’s see how this goes…
– bear 

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