and now… Happy Birthday to Jeff!

Jeff never wants ANYthing for his birthday… but he always loves what he gets. I’m just that good. 🙂
I hope this year is no exception.

Jeff is the kind of person that’s happy with a family dinner, taking TJ to the swings, and having a tribute Butlers Pantry brunch to toast an old best friend. So that’s probably exactly what we’ll end up doing.

But I can’t leave him without a present – so I was a bad girl and skipped some naps to get a few sneaky drawings done for the birthday boy.

Top to bottom:
Jeff is the first person to hold a minutes-old TJ.

TJ at one year old. At one he’s walking, running, talking and being quite cheeky.

Dad and a 6 month Teej… at a pub in London, England!

The finished pieces are framed with some other family photos in this wooden box. It’s for holding tickets from hockey games that Dad and TJ attend together. We have a few already – and it’ll be overflowing in no time, I’m sure.

Jeff, have a wonderful Birthday, we love you very much.

– Teej, Bun, Caesar, Schultz & bear

ps. If you don’t like the drawings, we got you a Ricky Gervais Show DVD… and don’t pretend you didn’t want it!  “Do your bit.”

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