from Art to Tattoo Art

A little more insight to this tattoo …

I really like how this tiger-spiral-madness turned out as an art piece, but that doesn’t mean that it will translate to a good tattoo. I have a-lot-a-lot of training and practice as an artist and zero training as a tattoo artist.

This tattoo was designed for Jeff with my best considerations for the shape and movement of his arm, focal points and existing tattoos. What we’ll do now is take it to ye ol’ shoppe and talk with Jeff’s artist to see how they can work with it to fit the Marek arm canvas.

Creating a tattoo for another artist isn’t necessarily ideal. It really depends on the artists involved. In this instance it meant quite a lot to Jeff that I design it for him. Here is where I stop and leave it open to change from his tattooist. They know best and their style and input is important to its success.

Double costs can also be incurred by hiring a separate illustrator. Tattooists generally have a price for inking you up and the initial sketches aren’t extra. (Luckily for Jeff I won’t charge him … for this one.)

I’m writing all this as a place to direct people who inquire about having me draw up tattoos for them. I have NO problem being asked – I love drawing, not to mention the huge compliment to even be considered for creating your permanent art piece!

If you want to contact me (especially for anything this big and detailed) it’s worth considering all of the above – and probably best to find your ideal tattooist before we get designing too much together. That way you can be sure that their requirements are met, too. After all – they will be the one marking you up for life.


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