The Marek-Robinson Family’s Green Crimbo

We’re always trying to lessen our family’s impact on mother earth. Here’s a few of the things we’ve done over the holiday season to keep it green:

— Tree in a Pot —
Unfortunately I failed at keeping last years tree alive (I tried SO hard too!). Still, as far as I can tell, a new small potted tree is better than a chopped one. Hopefully this one lasts until next season, or until summer when we can go and plant it somewhere.

— Crafty Decorating —
I knitted some tree decorations and plan to make, not buy, any more that we want.

— Vegan Meal for All (and it’s damn tasty too) —
Just like our other 364 meals in the year.

— Homemade Stockings —
I knitted a ‘Team Canada’ sock for TJ from scrap yarn and the others are courtesy of TJ’s oh-so-crafty Grandma.

— LED Bulbs —
Using 80% less energy than the regular ones.

— ReWrap —
Only recycled paper, bags, fabric etc. to wrap presents in.

— Label Shmabel —
Stamps and markers are more fun anyway.

— No Card Cards —
Except for the one card that I printed on recycled paper and mailed to my Grandma… All cards (again) this year are bear-designed e-cards. (Now to get Granny online!)

— Driving’s OK… —
When we take TJ out to look at the christmas lights, he’ll be bundled up in the hybrid car, so he can feel great about his lil adventure!

— Clothy Bum —
TJ will be tucking town on Christmas eve in one of his cloth dappers. Way to go, son!

There’s much more that we do, and much more to learn too – but there’s your little (hopefully inspirational) snapshot.

Happy Crimbo!

– bear

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