Mobius: Acrylic on Canvas

Finished and framed. At last!


– bear

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T.E.A.M. Dog and T.E.A.M. Cat Rescue Banners

Below are some banners I designed for T.E.A.M. Dog Rescue and T.E.A.M. Cat Rescue. Stunning dog and cat photography by GotchaStudios.

If you are looking to adopt, foster, volunteer or donate please check out the rescue T.E.A.M:


TEAM Cat13TEAM Dog Banner TEAM



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Garden Markers: Round 2 w Spoons

Unfortunately the markers for last years veggies didn’t survive the elements. It wasn’t exactly surprising… My brother kind of (lovingly) threw the wood pieces at me and I was busy so wanted to make them pretty quickly.

Fortunately, a chance came along to improve the formula this year when a lovely friend – Kim – asked for a set for her own garden.

We looked at some different methods and chose the very logical ‘spoon approach’.

Here are the final pieces:


They are all hand painted and then varnished to keep them strong and legible.


The hardest part was the text… but I really didn’t want to cut and paste it on OR spend hours on each spoon (no offence, Kim). So I went for the hand written look. I think it will look OK in all the twisty wonderfulness of a garden… but would still like to trial (or just practice!) some type work should I make more.


Now we just wait and see if they survive a season with whatever grows (and nibbles) in Kim’s garden!

– bear



There is a bit of difficulty that comes with putting up pictures of my art. Sometimes it’s hard deciding if it’s one to share or one to keep to myself. Then I spend time thinking what else I could do to a piece, or what to do better next time etc etc. Typical artist thoughts.

This post is easy. All I have to do is post pictures of a work that is perfectly finished. It’s a work of exact proportions, geometry and detail. It’s Cory Ferguson’s art but it’s on my arm. 

The process took over a year to complete plus a year waiting on a consultation before that. It’s the good kind of waiting.

It went a little something like this:

1) For a few years I planned the essentials of the tattoo and searched for someone who could meet my insane expectations of clean lines and attention to detail.

2) Cory was found and I asked him for something combining some nature and geometry. I showed him a too-big list of things he could add into the mix.

3) Cory did everything else and I didn’t ask for anything different as he went along. Why mess with genius.

4) He probably clocked more than 20 hours and this is the result:


— From Cory’s Instagram —


— Still looks good with a little flex and a meditating head on top… the true tattoo test! —



Here are some pics as it was in progress:




Not bad for a first tattoo. Of course, huge thanks to Cory at Good Point Tattoos.

– bear


Growth Chart for the Kids

This slender mural isn’t the usual growth chart.
After not really wanting to make a chart that was only about their size I decided to just start drawing on the walls. I came up with this instead:

Their ages and heights are hidden in tiny writing and mixed in with the dots and wiggles of the mural.



I didn’t really plan it before starting… no sketches or anything. Aside for a few pencil marks there wasn’t even much roughed onto the wall before the Sharpies came out. It’s not a typical approach for me but it was fun to just roll with it.
The downside of rolling with it? There is a ton that I’d change on a second go-around.
Still, the kids like it and it’s right by their art table so I have a feeling it’ll see a few Crayola additions soon anyway!

IMG_0614 IMG_0606

– bear

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Brody!

I asked Brody what he wanted for his second birthday
and without hesitation he replied ‘Snowman’.
Since he already has a snowman toy and there was
no cake idea in the works…. I came up with this:

Snowman cupcakes!
Pinterest searches and my brother also helped with creative development.

Here is the snowman army, chillin’ in the freezer…. waiting….


Some of the snow-folk were a wee bit creepy
but that didn’t stop them getting chomped down.
Here Brody discovers there is chocolate inside the frosty heads.



Happy Birthday little man!

– bear

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Veggie Row Markers

This summer my kind brother, James dug out, planted and grew a vegetable garden in our backyard. It’s a pretty big space so this is only a start… a greenhouse and another plot of growing space is on the way.


— our backyard —

IMG_6583— little sprouts —

DSC03725— our version of a scarecrow —

DSC03702— sugar snap pea flower —

He did oodles of hard work, and I pitched in by a) eating the food, and b) making some simple row markers.

IMG_6758— row markers using enamel on wood —

IMG_6757— stinky enamel makes for speedy painting session —


— row marker doing its thing —

IMG_6818 DSC03722
Next year we’ll need more markers for potatoes, broccoli, rhubarb and many more. There is still so much to learn about growing, harvesting and preserving, but James has figured out a ton and I hope to follow in his farmer footsteps soon.

– bear

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